The LAzy River is annual Tube Race down the Los Angeles River. This is a rogue event that is not sanctioned by any federal, local, or municipal organizations. We tube and have a party and raise money for the LA River. And we gotta be pretty sneaky about it, but that's half the fun. The next event will be sometime in 2017! 

Different ways to get involved:

  • Ride a tube!
  • Become a part of a tube team and cheer your idiot down the river.
  • Or just come to the pre or post events.

What you'll need if you want to compete:

  • A HEAVY DUTY river tube with a COVER! - otherwise the Tube WILL pop on the rocks on the bottom of the river - something like this or this. 
  • River shoes/wetsuit booties (or shoes you don't mind getting wet.)
  • Maybe a wetsuit? Depends how brave you are.
  • We'll provide you with a race bib and number.
  • Something to drink and snack on while you "race".